Moderator Volunteers

  • We appreciate your interest in becoming a moderator in one of our Facebook groups.  To avoid emergency group coverage problems, we try to keep a list of people who are interested in moderating on hand so if someone needs to take a  break, or there is a big influx of new members, we can tap people quickly.

    One thing to keep in mind for all moderators: A thick skin and slow temper are critical.  There are a lot of jerks in the world - some are intentionally rude and some just can't seem to help themselves. 🙂 

    If you are easily upset, this may not be a good gig for you.

    You will be able to mute, kick, or ban some jerks, but keeping things on an even keel is more important.

  • Which languages can you read to some degree? Fluency is less important than the ability to spot profanity or spammers.
  • Which group or groups are you interested helping in as a moderator?
  • Very briefly, please let us know why will be a good fit for the groups you checked above.
  • What timezone are you in most of the time?
  • Please select the times that apply based on your local time zone.